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Watch this video to see how you can get started with a 30-Day Free Trial of the Apiary Fund Trader Development Program, rapidly become an expert trader, get funded, and potentially earn up to $2,542 a week without losing a single dollar in the market.

Get the Most Remarkable Trading Education Ever Created and Then Trade up to $250,000 of Our Money and Keep Almost All of the Profits!

Why on Earth would we train you to trade, then give you up to $250,000 of our money to trade with and let you keep up to 85% of the profits? Because it could make EVERYONE more money... 

You see, every day, we turn traders like yourself into professional part-time “funded traders.” With some heavy hitters on our team, including Shawn Lucas, a high-level trader from a firm that manages 2.5 TRILLION dollars worth of investor funds, we know our stuff and we will train you to trade much better than you are now…

Once you’ve gone through our training and proved you’ve learned the materials, we’ll give you a chunk of our money to trade with… When you lose a trade, you won’t lose a single penny, we cover all the losses… When you win a trade… you keep up to 85% of the profit. Yes, we take a small cut, but here’s why you REALLY want to do this... 

If you make a 10% gain right now with a $2,000 account, that’s a hypothetical $200 profit for you… But if you make that same 10% gain with OUR $250,000, that’s a hypothetical $21,250 profit for you… Would you rather bank $200 or $21,250?

Your Free 30-Day Trial to the Apiary Fund Trader Development Program Includes:

In this course, you’ll cut to the chase and learn explicitly profit-focused trading skills. You will learn the basics of the currency market, learn how to read charts, place your first trade, be walked through beginner, intermediate, and expert trading strategies, and learn our powerful proprietary trading strategies and concepts such as our Benjamin Formula.

The 12-Part “From Nobody to Expert Trader” Beeline Training Course

Your Own “Practice and Prove Yourself” Simulated Trading Account

Your specialized simulated trading account is going to help you do two things. First, it will allow you to practice the strategies you learn in our 12-part course above (without the fear of losing real money). Second, assuming you simply learn the materials and can execute at the level described in the video, it will PROVE to us that you are worthy of being funded up to $250,000!

Exclusive Access to Our “Funded Trader’s Community Forum”

Want to become an outstanding trader? Chat with these folks! Our forum lets you chat and interact daily with traders who are proving the success of our program every day. These traders have already done what you’re about to do with our training course and simulated trading account, and now they’re making themselves a profit using our money… Chat and learn from them!

Get help directly from us anytime you feel lost. Look, I want you to succeed. I built this program so that our incentives are in alignment, we both make money when you succeed. So, whenever you have any problem, go on our support chat, email us, or call us and we’ll get you on track.

100% Personal Access to Support via Website, Phone & Email

Although it’s not required to become a funded trader with us, we’ll give you access to literally everything we’ve ever taught in our training library. Inside, you’ll discover 250+ hours of recorded training videos and other educational materials that can help you rise through the ranks to make as much money as possible from your trading.

The Complete “Funded Trader Mastery” Training Library

Are you ready to rapidly accelerate towards becoming a well-funded expert trader?

Yes, Give Me My Free 30-Day Trial!

Here’s What Current Members Have To Say…

“PJ’s, coffee, computer, win-win! I love it.”

Sharene Neri

"A retirement career that’s fun... I’ve been very happy with it.”

Linda Bishop

“It’s a tight group of like-minded people”

Josh Penick

Get on the Fast Track to Becoming a
“Profits Only, Zero Risk” Expert Funded Trader!

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The Apiary Fund Trader Development Program Vs.  Most Other Trader Programs

Most Other Trader Development

Usually Up-Front Fees

Training You Without Regard For Success

Preaches Risky Trades

Often Told to Use Your Own Account

No Access to Experts or Community

Limited Support

Apiary Fund Trader Development

Free for Your First 30 Days

Training With the Intention to Fund You Money

Preaches Risk Management

Provided With Custom Simulated Account

Access to Experts and Community

100% Personal Support via Email & Phone


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