At our last Gold Beeline Bootcamp, over 35% of those who attended got funded at the bootcamp! All of our professional instructors have worked through the beeline and know the quickest ways to get through the Beeline Gold level and into your funded account.  Not only that, but you will be able to learn from the Head Risk Manager what he and his team look for to increase your funding levels and have that personal introduction to make your name recognized with the team!

Scalping and other short-term trading techniques can be one of the most profitable ways to trade.  As opposed to having your trades go in profit, having a pullback and slightly less profit hoping it goes back in your favor, short-term trading allows you to catch all those pullbacks maximizing your profits in the markets!  Short term trading gives you your profits sooner than later letting you have that tactile evidence of your success in the markets.

Part of your attending the Beeline Bootcamp is the food and lodge. Traders will be staying in the Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Orem.  This is only minutes away from some of Utah's most infamous attractions such as Sundance, Utah Lake, and many mountain ranges that offer breathtaking views. Meals will also be catered by some of Utah's best eateries and staff favorites restaurant-wise.

Beeline Bootcamp will cover a plethora of strategies for traders to learn and go over.  While trading, many people realize that their one strategy, does not work in all market conditions.  The Instructors at the Beeline Bootcamp all have different strategies, each one more powerful than the last in certain market conditions.  Each strategy has been worked over 100s and 100s of hours by each instructor so by the time it is taught to you, you will know the ideal time frames, times, and pairs for each.  This will make going through the Beeline that much easier and quicker for you!

Do not miss this opportunity.  With so many instructors there to help you and all of them happy to answer one on one questions to make your trading the best it can be, you can not afford to miss this bootcamp.  Great food, great instructors, and even better strategies will give you the knowledge to trade your way to a funded account and to be making profit at the same time!  Just click below to sign up.


There are only 5 seats available. Talk to one of our representatives today to reserve your seat!


Only 5 Seats Available


July 27th- 31st