Beeline Certification Program

Apiary Fund Application

*Initial screening and interviews are administered by Resolve Wealth, an independent third party wealth advocacy group, who will review your application and make recommendations based on a set of criteria determined by Apiary Fund. 

Your Privacy Is Our Utmost Concern.

We take our applicant’s personal and financial privacy very seriously.  During the course of processing your application, we will accumulate nonpublic personal and financial information that is voluntarily provided by you that allows us to best serve your needs.  It is our policy to keep your information private and we restrict access to any employees or third parties who are not directly involved in the processing of your application.  

Apiary Fund Application

The Apiary Fund is a private fund that is managed by a select group of traders who have completed the “Beeline to Funding Certification” and achieved the distinguished “Funded Trader Status.”  All qualified applicants will be given equal opportunity.  The selection process is administered on a first come first serve basis.  Due to the nature of markets and high demand for the program, the number of candidates selected is very limited and will vary from month to month. 

Selected candidates must complete the Beeline to Funding certification in order to manage the family office funds and receive compensation based on personal performance.  However, baseline funding is set aside at the time of enrollment and will be available upon your successful completion of the Beeline certification.  

The application is a two-step process that requires you to

1. Submit the following application

 2. Complete an interview with our independent third party wealth advocacy group*.  

Once you complete the application, you will be given an opportunity to schedule your interview.  Schedule your interview as soon as possible because admissions are limited.

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